Put the Bars Behind You

Trust a dedicated bail bondsman in Edinburg, TX to get you out. We service Hidalgo County and all surrounding areas

Have you been charged with a felony or misdemeanor? This is a stressful and scary time for both you and your loved ones. You can make it easier by awaiting your trial from the comfort of home. DWI Bail Bonds II can allow you to do exactly that through bail bonds in Edinburg, Texas, Hidalgo county, and all surrounding areas. Either you or your loved one can contact us immediately to secure a bail bond and get you out of jail.

DWI stands for Don't Wait Inside

DWI stands for Don't Wait Inside

Serving jail time can make any situation more stressful. You're separated from your loved ones and your home, leaving you feeling insecure and frightened. Our goal is to get you out of jail as soon as possible. You'll get attentive service from a caring team.

An experienced bail bondsman from our team will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your situation and create a bail bonds agreement
  • Work one-on-one with your attorneys to set up your court date
  • Set up an auto draft system so that making payments is easy

Find out more about the bail bonds process now by calling 956-566-7838.

Get the support you need while awaiting trial

Every situation is unique. That's why you need a bondsman who will work closely with you to make your situation less stressful. DWI Bail Bonds II provides bail bonds for all misdemeanors and felonies. We'll create a custom payment plan for you based on your needs and situation. You can come to us for knowledgeable advice and assistance during this trying time.

Meet with a bail bondsman from DWI Bail Bonds II in Edinburg, Texas today to discuss your situation. We proudly service all of Hidalgo county as well as clients located anywhere in the U.S.